There are 17 squares in the logo
There are 17 squares in the logo


StickLinks are puzzles that combine quotes with word searches.
A quote is placed in a grid and the solver must connect the letters of the quote with a  continuous line. For example, to find the hidden phrase in the puzzle below, start with the circled letter. Next, draw a line from each correct letter to the next as you reveal the phrase. The blanks at the bottom will also help. When the puzzle is done, each letter will have been used only once, and the letters will be connected with a straight line.

StickLinks are best played on paper.
View and print the following StickLinks puzzles in pdf format.

StickLinks Puzzles 1 (20)
Download Puzzles  |  Download Solutions

StickLinks Puzzles 2 (15)
Download Puzzles  |  Download Solutions

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