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What Others Say About Terry Stickels
"Terry Stickels puzzles are perfect brain stimulators for young and old alike. They're fresh, varied, and well thought-out and they build problem-solving skills that are useful both academically and in everyday life."
Will Shortz
Crossword Editor, The New York Times

“It is obvious to the most casual observer that Terry Stickels is living proof that the mind is more than the sum of its synapses! Terry Stickels makes thinking fun for everyone!”
John Konvalina
Professor, Department of Mathematics
University of Nebraska at Omaha
“You are clearly a very effective presenter and spellbinder, because you know that if one can get active and passive audience participation, one can get across ideas effectively. You are a great teacher.”
Dr Charles Gildersleeve
Professor, Human, Urban and Economic Geography
University of Nebraska at Omaha

“I had no idea how much the research had progressed into helping us better understand how to improve our mental flexibility and keeping our minds healthy. The way you presented it and tied it into exercising our minds with puzzles was nothing short of brilliant. The puzzles were great fun, too! I hope I have the chance to see you present again.”
Jim Septros
Attendee at Association of Mathematics Teachers of the Rochester Area
Rochester, NY

“Terry Stickels has dazzled several of my clients (including the Treasury Executive Institute, IRS, the Association of Mathematics Teachers, etc.) with his dynamic platform skills.  His presentations are always energetic, upbeat, and focused on topics of real interest to his audiences.  He's a terrific professional, and congratulations on finding him!”
Kevin O'Sullivan
President, The O'Sullivan Group, Inc.

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