There are 17 squares in the logo
There are 17 squares in the logo

Spatial-Visual Puzzles

Featuring the art of Robert Webb. See more of his great work at:
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How many any size squares are there in the drawing?

Which of the figures does not belong with the others?

What is the total number of faces touching faces in this configuration? All blocks are the same size. Blocks that connect at the edges/corners do not count. Each block has its own count, so if block "A" touches block "F" then it counts as one touch for bo

Which of the figures can not be folded into an Octahedron?

How many equilateral triangles of any size or orientation are contained within this figure? Can you work out the answer?

Visit // for solution.

Robert Webb's 5 intersecting Tetrahedra

This is the famous puzzle of a mouse eating through the maximum number of sugar cubes in a 3x3x3 stack, turning at 90 degrees in the middle of each cube and then exiting.

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