There are 17 squares in the logo
There are 17 squares in the logo

Terry’s Puzzles

This puzzle package, WebSticks, contains a variety of quick one-a-day type puzzles. Download the puzzles in groups of 100 and tackle them at your own pace!
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Challenging Coin Puzzle
This puzzle package, Challenging Coin Puzzles, contains every type of coin puzzle imaginable. From tic-tac-toe with nickels and dimes to sliding coin puzzles to a coin-filled word search, get ready for a challenge!
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Stick-Ken is a Sudoku-like puzzle where you fill a grid with the digits 1–9 (for a 9x9 Kendoku) so that each row and column has all digits once and only once.
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Magick Word-Doku
Magick Word-Doku puzzles come in two sizes: six-letter magick words and
nine-letter magick words.
Download Magick Word-Doku (pdf)

Pirate Word-Doku
The Pirate Word-Doku puzzles come in two sizes: six-letter pirate words and
nine-letter pirate words or phrases.
Download Pirate Word-Doku (pdf)

Get Frame Games on your IPhone
The popular Frame Games™, created by world renowned puzzle mastermind Terry Stickels, are being brought to the iPhone and iPod.
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StickLinks are puzzles that combine quotes with word searches. A quote is placed in a grid and the solver must connect the letters of the quote with a continuous line.
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Play StickelersStickelers
Our latest round of brand new puzzles to make you really think.
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Play Frame GamesFrame Games
Terry's famous frame games. A common phrase or idea is represented visually in the frame.
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StickdokuStickdoku Puzzles
Challenge your mental skills with this popular Japanese game.
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Spatial/Visual Puzzles
Samples of some of the art work that different artists have created based on Terry's Puzzles.
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Discover the Beauty of Math
Images created by Michael Trott with Mathematica. � Michael Trott, Inc.
Create your own Math Art with the Mathematica Guidebook for Graphics.
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Terry’s Books


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