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What Others Say About Terry Stickels
"Terry Stickels puzzles are perfect brain stimulators for young and old alike. They're fresh, varied, and well thought-out and they build problem-solving skills that are useful both academically and in everyday life."
Will Shortz
Crossword Editor, The New York Times

"Terry Stickels has joined the ranks of top popularizers of mathematical problems. His puzzle collections are highly recommended for their novel approaches and fresh ideas."
Martin Gardner
Writer and Past Editor of the Scientific American's Recreational Mathematics Column

"Because of my work in creative thinking, I read many puzzles and puzzle books. I've found that the difference between the right puzzle and the almost right puzzle is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. Terry Stickels' puzzles are the 'lightning.' I'm a big fan of his work."
Michael Michalko
Author, Thinkertoys

"Terry Stickels is one of the most gifted puzzle writers, authors, and speakers it has been my pleasure to know. He has generously provided us with his time and talents in creating unique and challenging material, for our MENSA projects.”
Jim Blackmore
National Marketing Director, MENSA

"One measure of success for today's classroom teacher is the number of opportunities provided for his or her students to engage in active, genuine thinking. Terry Stickels' latest work may be his best collection yet of just those kinds of thought-provoking activities, designed specifically for the educator interested in finding effective ways to foster creativity and turn young minds on."
Timothy J. McNamara
New York State Recipient, Presidential Award for Excellence in Secondary Mathematics Teaching

"The most noteworthy features of Mind-bending Puzzles are its fresh approach to problem-solving and the originality of the puzzles."
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Mathematics Teacher Magazine

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