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Top Ten Things American Businesses Don’t Understand

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

By Terry Stickels

  1. Admitting your mistakes and fixing them makes you stronger.
  2. Courage and honesty make just as strong decisions as brains.
  3. Committees seldom make good decisions on anything, including lunch.
  4. If you’re not constantly reinventing new products and services, or refining what you do in some new manner, you’ll be out of business within 5 years.
  5. Those at the top will never be successful leaders unless they understand those at the bottom.
  6. It’s perfectly acceptable to get mad. It’s not acceptable to make decisions while angry.
  7. Don’t fool yourself. The number one reward employees want is more money. Period. End of story.
  8. The art and science of delegation is one of the strengths of great leaders.
  9. Some of the greatest decisions are 180 degrees different than the original intentions. Only great people with strong minds are capable of this.
  10. Humor in tense situations will disarm your adversary better than an army.
  11. Number 11 is for you to add to this list.